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Posted on 5th Jul 2016, 8:41 AM in Marty Comics
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Bird King 5th Jul 2016, 8:41 AM edit delete
Bird King
Oh gosh, hello. This is the first comic I've made and uploaded in over two years. The script was written back in 2013 for a zine that got cancelled (I think? I don't even remember anymore) but I liked the characters enough that I swore I would do something with it eventually. I bought a Surface Pro 4 for my birthday and MyPaint ended up not working on it AT ALL, but a friend convinced me to give ps another shot and this time I fell in love with it. (I'm still cursing the 21st century for sticking us with goddamn subscription software, even tho I do enjoy the features that come with it...) I decided to finally make this 3 year old comic for practice before I jump back into sv, and I actually did learn some things while making it! Yayyy.

I never did consider either of my comics on hiatus, I just paused for a bit to readjust to life, and it took longer than I thought. I'm not done readjusting, really, but it's time to jump back in anyway.

Today's update will be 5 pages. I usually upload my comics at the recommended 800px wide, but I'm experimenting with 1000px wide this time.
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